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Solventek Telecom Solutions

imageSolventek provides comprehensive telecom solutions to help businesses and customers with their communication and security needs. Solventek’s product and service offerings in this space can be categorized as

Solventek PBX Systems

Address intercom requirements for call centers, residential and commercial communities, office spaces, security providers, etc. Solutions are VOIP based and easily scalable

Solventek IVR Systems

Address the needs of small businesses, Banks, Government services, and any organization that needs to provide its consumers with scalable and comprehensive automated voice based information)

Solventek VOIP Solutions

Address communication needs of organizations with international locations, calling card services, subscription based voip calling applications

Whatever your communication needs, we encourage you to contact us to understand how best we can provide you a solution that provides you access to the benefits of cutting edge communication technologies at surprisingly affordable price points.

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