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Technology Consulting Services

image Organizations world over have realized that business causes are effectively served if they focus on their core line of activity and business. We are aware that your organization needs to grapple on a daily basis with various activities that are indispensable but are not part of your core business. A sound business practice is to leverage the strengths of other organizations that can provide the needed consulting services, strategy and implementation resources to streamline your operations.

Solventek understands this underlying critical need for consulting and has over the years played a significant role in providing quality and pertinent consulting services to organizations across the globe. Our consulting services are aimed at complementing the core strengths of an organization and are also intended to enable them streamline and grow by effectively using software services.

Solventek can provide your Organization reliable, and high quality value added consulting services to enable you to focus on your core aspects. Simply put, you can focus your core business, while we take care of your IT needs.

Our consulting wing is geared towards providing you the specialized and best of the breed consultants who can visualize, complement, contribute and implement a chosen software solution. Solventek consulting has a proven process to identify the apt resources for a given requirement and subject them to a structured selection process.

We add value to this process by evaluating the probable resources not only on technology prowess but also their attitudes, ability to adapt, reliability and critical soft skills including communication, working in a team and ability to learn and share. All resources who meet these stringent standards are made available to the client for final selection.

Solventek consulting wing also goes the extra mile to conduct orientation exercises and enables these resources to blend with the chosen organization and contribute in an effective and fast manner to the goals and needs.

Our highly skilled technical teams provide technical insight, ability and guidance to strengthen your in-house capabilities and resources. Our On-Demand onsite staffing is backed by our 6 years of experience in the technical recruiting realm which also serves our own company's and our clients' needs. You may contact us at with your Information Technology and/or resource needs, and we will be glad to help address them.

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