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Augmented Reality

image AR is the application of technology to superimpose information on digitally rendered images into real world environments to give a sense of virtual reality or create an illusion. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what users see and hear.

Unlike Virtual Reality where computer generated environments are used to interact with human beings and human beings get immersed into them, AR takes the real world of the present and projects digital imagery and sound into it.

The presentation of augmented reality is in some form of futuristic technology, despite the fact that it has been around for many years. For example, the heads-up display in many fighter jets utilizes the principles of augmented reality, and these date back to the early 1990s when they were used to show information about altitude, speed and direction of the aircraft.

image The kind of augmented reality you are likely to experience these days utilizes a range of sensors such as cameras and computer components as well as display devices in creating the illusion of virtual objects in the real world. Some of the smartphones in the market today have all the necessary components needed in the creation of augmented reality hence they are commonly used for most of AR experiences. The basic working of augmented reality is as follows-:

In general, the device will search for a particular object, which can be anything, but in most cases, they are usually 2D images like in the form of a movie poster. The augmented reality application will recognize the target through the camera and it will then process the image and augment it in some form through the utilization of sound and pictures. For example, if the target object was a movie poster, you may see it spring into life to play a trailer of the movie. So long as you continue viewing the poster through the "window" of the display object, you will see augmented reality rather than the plain old normal poster in normal reality.

image The future of Augmented Reality The future of augmented reality has never been brighter as it is at the moment. Though mobile devices are the primary avenues for VR at the moment, this is not expected to remain the case since a lot of developments, enhancements and innovations are currently taking place in the industry. For instance, work is currently on in the development of augmented reality ear buds which will allow users to adjust sounds coming from the environment.

There is also ongoing research on AR for contact lenses and other wearable devices. The chief aim of augmented reality is to avail natural and convenient immersions and this practically means that the current mobile devices used for AR will be replaced, though it is still not known what exactly will replace them.

Like with every new technology, augmented reality comes with a plethora or ethical and political issues. For example, the Google Glass came along with a lot of privacy concerns, with some people worried that pictures may be snapped or conversations may be recorded surreptitiously. But amidst all these concerns, AR technology is expected to gather more steam in the near future and it will be a part of life for the majority.

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